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Welcome to the resource booking of Abo Akademi University

Make your booking in the following way:

  1. Begin by choosing resource at Choose resource on the left side of the screen. Choose type of resource, place and resource and time. Mark times by clicking in the week calendar. Althoug you can mark several times on several resources, you can only make reservations for one course or event at the same time.
  2. When you have marked all times, click on Book! to enter your personal information and to send in your booking or your booking request.

If you had the adequate rights to the resource your booking will be active right away. Otherwise your booking will be marked with a Q mark until the responsible person has confirmed the booking(s).

Help is available with the following symbol .

In order to make bookings your browser should have javascript enabled.

News in this version:
  • Observera att de flesta av utrymmen är kopplade till Peppi, vilket innebär att bokningsinformationen hämtas och lagras från/i Peppi. Dessa utrymmen är märkta med texten (Peppi kopplad) under namnet i veckovyn.