Research in Sloyd Education and Crafts Science A:4/2002

Current Themes In Craft Research

Jaana Kärnä-Behm
Kirsti Salo-Mattila


Kaukinen, L.: Concepts and Domains of Craft Science, Especially in Textiles,Clothing and Craft Design Studies

Kaukinen, L.: Economics as a Constraint Space in the Design and Making Process

Kärnä-Behm, J.: Craftsmanship as Politics of an Alternative Way of Life in Media Discourse

Lice, I.: Etnographic Textiles in the Modern Environment

Räisänen, R.: Environmental and Consumer Aspects of Natural Dyes in Textiles

Salo-Mattila, K.: Fråm Home Sewing Futures to New Ideas in Craft Education



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