Research in Sloyd Education and Crafts Science A:5/2003

Current Research on Sloyd Education

Kalle Virta

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Sampsa Kullas: Pedagogical evaluation of web-based study process in context of sloyd education

Eeva-Maija Lappalainen: Finnish weaving, felting, and knitted goods seen and experienced by North Americans: thoughts and descriptions

Eeva-Maija Lappalainen: Viewpoints on the teaching of different immigrants into an ethnic cultural orientation

Mika Metsärinne: Problem finding and problem solving in sloyd

Mika Metsärinne: Preparing a Goal Analysis of Teaching Technical School Sloyd

Juhani Peltonen: The chain of rational theories as the directing means of productive activities in academic Sloyd Education

Kalle Virta: Self-Directed Learning Readiness and students’ own experiences of their self-direction in two teacher education programs

Kalle Virta: Learning approaches, self-regulated learning and metacognition – test results and teacher trainees’ own practices in two teacher education programs


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